A look at a quick and easy set up for creating correcting shapes on your character model’s pose from Luiz Philippe Moreira who shows a technique for using a lattice deformer to create a simple DIY pose space deformer.

Quick and easy setup for creating corrective shapes on the desired pose by binding a lattice deformer

If you have ever created a rigid bind in Autodesk Maya, you will remember that part of the bind structure will actually come complete with a lattice deformer for sculpting deformations on the joints, and here Luize takes that premise and applies it as a quick and easy method for being able to sculpt the whole limb in a pose.

Luiz notes that this will be purposeful on deformations on a single axis rotation, however, in multi-axis rotations, you would need to use a more advanced approach. Check out the post on Creating Correctives with Lattices in Maya here.