Mograph Candy’s Dan Conrad explores some modeling techniques for creating some seemingly simple, yet, actually quite complex forms in the shape of a milk jug. The Challenge arrises where the plastic milk jug is all one piece, along with a section that is pulled away from the jug forming a handle.

In this Cinema 4D tutorial we will model a gallon container. The challenge of this model is the creating the one piece handle of the container

Dan takes a pragmatic approach since there is not one-shot clear answer into creating the model with a SweepNURBS over a spline.

Dan covers the use of the Bridge Tool in Cinema 4D as well as using some deformers to form the polygon faces and the sculpting tool in cinema 4D which will provide some nice details for the bottom of the plastic jug. Check out the tutorial for Creating a Plastic Milk Jug Model in Cinema 4D here.