Ian Waters takes a look at how to set up a MASH network in Maya using the Curve Node with multiple curves that can provide some great effects used in conjunction with other MASH Nodes.

MASH procedural animation toolkit for Maya recently launched as a full product from Mainframe North, and also, more recently updated to version 2 adding a new Flight Node for flocking, schooling and shoaling effects that can be applied to any Maya object to work with the MASH networks.

How to set up MASH’s Curve node to use multiple curves

Here, Ian demonstrates how to set up a MASH network using the Multi-Curve Node on some text, adding MASH’s Noise Node, and a Tracer to create a pretty complex effect quite easily. The ability to add multiple curves to a MASH Curve Node is new in version two, and as Ian points out, the CV’s are distributed proportionally between the curves according to the curve length.

To find out more around the changes released to MASH version 2, check the page at Mainframe North here.