The MASH Suite Of Maya Nodes For Motion Designers has recently gone through a couple of updates and now sits at version 1.2 fixing some bugs but also adding some new features to round out the toolset.

MASH is a suite of Maya nodes developed in-house at Mainframe aimed at enabling our artists to create versatile ‘motion design’ style animations

Most notably there is now a “thaw” script in MASH that will place values back in from a frozen transform in Maya, which can be useful when working with an initial position as shown in the new MASH Offset Node Tutorial here. The MASH Offset Node is a new one, added to version 1.1, as well as a new Echo Node, and an ID Node for assigning instancer objects to MASH points.

The Offset Node also sees a new Multiply mode in 1.2 which will multiply incoming values, as well as a new clamp mode which will allow you to set a clamp value for the offset.

MASH is Mainframe’s Manchester studio’s suite of Nodes for Maya specifically for Motion Designers and for creating Motion Design animation, systems, and effects. MASH was something that was developed at MainFrame North for their artists to create motion design style animations, and is now a shared and downloadable package care of Mainframe North Ltd and Ian Waters.


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