Cinema 4D | Creating Realistic Automotive Renders using Octane

Taking a look at creating realistic automotive shaders and renders, Dominik Dammelhart of Curse Studios shows how to render out a Ferrari Italia using Otoy’s Octane Render to get some great results.

this tutorial will be around car renders, shading and texturing using the octane render engine

Dominik walks through the workflow between Octane and Cinema 4D and this is an especially interesting watch if you have not used or seen the Octane renderer in use with a complete project before.

Octane render is a GPU based rendering engine requiring a CUDA enabled video card offering connection plugins for various applications including ads Max, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave and Cinema 4D. Octane is an unbiased physical rendering engine, with a continuous realtime render refresh offering speeds of fifty times faster than conventional CPU unbiased renderers.

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  1. Anton

    Very interesting, I was wondering what GFX card you bought since the old one died.

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