Cinema 4D | Destroying a Column Model With the Thrausi Plugin

Showing the use of one of his favorite plug-ins for Cinema 4D, Thrausi, Jamie Hamel-Smith demonstrates how to destroy a Corinthian column, creating some great looking effects easily.

In this tutorial we take a Corinthian column and destroy it using the help of Thrausi

The name Thrausi, cleverly comes from a Thracian tribe name from an adjective, meaning “The Crumblers” or “The Shatterers”, and being a free and quite cool plugin, there are tons of tutorials out there that show how to use Thrausi.

Having said that, I feel that Jamie has a great way of explaining things in not just what to do, but why things are doing what they are doing. So it is with that goal that Jamie looks at some different ways to make the Thrausi plugin work a little more realistic and plausible. Check out the tutorial for Breaking a Column in Cinema 4D Using Thrausi here.