Maya | Rendering Deep Pixel Images With V-Ray


The Render Blog has been doing some great posts lately, imparting great information on some really useful techniques. With the latest post, João provides an overview and shows how to use V-Ray for Deep Image Compositing, covering the process both in Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.

how you can write deep images with maya/3ds max and vray

It is possible to render “Deep” images with V-Ray using Deep Pixels plugin allowing you to write deep pixel data in Maya and 3ds Max, and using a corresponding deep reader plugin for Nuke.
João notes that rendering deep image data only supported in RenderMan and Houdini’s Mantra, mentioning that Arnold render can also render deep pixels data, however still not available as an off the shelf product.

Deep image compositing emerged recently as way of compositing using multiple depth samples in rendering digital images. As the next logical progression to a simple depth map, the Deep Image provides much more control over the Z-depth information in a scene.

Check out the post for Using V-Ray in Maya to Render Deep Composting Images at the render blog here.