NUKE | Automatic and User Tracking Basics

Covering the basics of tracking in Nuke, eosacro’s Anand Magaji takes a look at using Nukes automated tracking features and User Tracking features that is part of a larger look at tracking and compositing in Nuke.

the basics of tracking, including auto-tracking, manual user-tracking, assisted user-tracking, scene orientation + scaling and finalizing your track

Anand Magaji demonstrates everything yo unwed to know, covering the basics of tracking in Nuke, including Nuke’s auto-tracking feature, manual user-tracking, and assisted user-tracking. Scene orientation and scene scale always becomes an important port of getting a usable track for compositing, and Anand Magaji covers both as he steps through a few examples.

The part-2 of the tracking basics tutorial plans to show how to generate point cloud from a tracked camera, generate a mesh, project textures and finally composite them together.