Tik is a Free Scene Manager for Maya, Nuke, and Houdini

Arda Kutlu releases a free multi-software scene and pipeline tools management app, Tik Manager.

Arda Kutlu is a technical 3D artist and 3D Supervisor who lives and works in Istanbul. Recently Arda is packaging up tools and releasing them to the public, sometimes for free. His last, Rollermatic is a script for Maya that can automatically roll any object in a scene. Now, it seems he has another release, and it looks to be a big one. Tik Manager is scene management and pipeline tools manager that works with Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, and Nuke.

“It is free -and always will be- for both personal and commercial use,” Arda says about the tool. “Tik Manager is a lightweight multi-platform and multi-software project management system.” It is designed to work for both small-mid range teams and individuals.

Tik Manager Features:

  • Consistent naming of scenes and versions
  • Version and reference controlling
  • Supports Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Nuke
  • Standalone version to view and launch all the scenes created with the recommended software
  • Alerts the user for possible problems (FPS mismatch, never/older software version, etc.)
  • Easy and consistent animation previews with logging and playback support
  • User database for tracking project progress
  • Makes the workflow safer while preventing data loss. No accidental overwriting is possible
  • Image Manager (Maya only)
  • Checks the scene for possible errors before rendering
  • Resolves a consistent render path and makes tracking of rendered images easier
  • Supports Mental Ray, Vray, Arnold and Redshift render engines
  • Image Viewer
  • Lists rendered images (or footages) as collapsed items
  • Executing the sequences within the application by double-clicking
  • Option to send the selected sequences to a remote path in a dated folder
  • Project Materials – A tool for organizing and viewing brief documents, concepts, artworks, references, etc.
  • Global Asset Library – Keeps re-usable assets organized
  • Easy installation single CLI installer. (Windows only)
  • Easy to Use with no learning curve

Learn more about Tik Manager here, and download a copy.