Nitro4D posts MagicSwitch as another freebie tool for Cinema 4D. MagicSwitch will let you create a toggle for an objects attributes easily, so you can go back and forth between your two object states. A great example is creating and setting a toggle for object resolution. One click will display a low resolution version of the object, and you can snap back to the high resolution version easily.

with this plugins you can easy switch parametre objects and tags , like this you can speed up your work , and organized your projectLazaros

MagicSwitch can create a switch for any object attributes, not just resolution. It works with the selection’s parameters, so it can create a switch for pretty much anything – check outcome of the examples that Nitroman covers in the video. It can be used to make a switch to show various parts of the Boole object, or different stated for Cloth Objects in Cinema 4D. Very versatile and very useful!

Check out the MagicSwitch freebie plugin for cinema 4D at Nitro4D. Available for Cinema 4D R12 to R15, Win and Mac 32,64 bit