Generate Procedural Growth Structures in Cinema 4D With X-Particles

Insydium’s Mike Batchelor hosts another tutorial showing some of the features of X-PArticles 2.5 in creating animated organic forms with particles, procedurally.

X-Particle components include

  • six generator objects

  • very fast particle rendering

  • 39 Xpresso nodes

  • enhanced Python support

  • particle Painting tool

  • three control objects

  • twenty-seven particle modifiers

  • seven tags

  • enhanced fluid module

  • particle to scene object and particle to particle collisions

  • fluid simulation and multiphysics constraints

  • four shaders

In this video tutorial we use X-Particles 2.5 to generate procedural growth structures. these can be used to make organic forms and more.Mike Batchelor –

X-Particles offers a completely new particle system for Cinema 4D that doesn’t use the C4D standard Emitter or thinking particles. X-Particles comes in three products with a standard version, a pro version, and if you want to kick the tires, a demo version is available. For more information on the various features that X-Particles offers there is a handy X-Particle comparison chart here.

X-Particles Pro costs 289 euros. Upgrades from version 1 are available and cost 175 euros. To purchase or upgrade a licence, please visit thepurchase page. It is also possible to upgrade to v2 Pro from v2 Standard at a cost of 100 euros.