Cinema 4D Gains New Live Connect Plugin for HDR Studio

LightMap announced the new HDR Studio plugins for Cinema 4D, bringing the the live link workflow between C4d and HDR Light Studio. Up until this release, there have only been plugins for exporting assets between C4D and HDR Studio 4. The live link plugins will bring the ability to develop looks more quickly, showing lighting changes in the interactive renderer.

Lightmap announces a new HDR Light Studio Live plug-in for Maxon CINEMA 4D bringing simplicity to HDRI lighting

The new plug-in is set to work with all versions of Cinema 4D R13 and higher and also provides support for 3rd party renderers, including V-Ray, Maxwell render and the GPU based Octane Render from Otoy.

HDR Studio 4  will allow you to create HDRI Maps completely with a non-destructive and interactive workflow. With HDR Studio you can paint with lights – simply point and click where you want the light source to be and position it interactively, seeing the immediate results in the interactive renderer. This makes it really easy to audition lighting effects and lighting styles for the best look of the scene.

HDR Studio comes with a lib ray of HDR lights including actual photographic captures of real studio lighting setups and sources. If you are creating your own lighten solution, HDR Studio allow you to have the nondestructive flexibility of of photoshop-like layers and blend modes, and an extensive system for making adjustments to color, exposure and saturation of the light image.

C4D compatability chart

Main HDR Light Studio features for CINEMA 4D users:

  • Non-destructive, interactive HDRI map creation and editing app
  • Live Connection between HDR Light Studio and CINEMA 4D
  • Supports CINEMA 4D Renderer, V-Ray, Maxwell and Octane Render
  • LightPaint – Point and click light source positioning and selection in CINEMA 4D
  • Push scenes into HDR Light Studio’s 3D view for a fast LightPaint experience on large scenes
  • Highly controllable procedural light sources
  • Library of HDR lights, including HDR captures of studio light sources
  • Layered lighting system with blend modes
  • Enhance existing HDRI maps via localised adjustments to color, exposure, and saturation
  • Augment existing HDRI maps with additional light sources
  • HDR Light Studio lighting project embedded in the CINEMA 4D scene


HDR Light Studio 4 – Complete
This edition includes all available HDR Light Studio plug-ins/connectivity (i.e. to Cinema 4D, LightWave 3D, 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, MODO etc – with more being added all the time) . Users can use this version standalone using the LiveLight viewer included in this edition. LiveLight lets you load Collada and OBJ files and light them using the LightPaint feature.