Creating Turbulent Fluid Effects Using X-Particles for Cinema 4D

Insydium’s Mike Batchelor offers a look at the workflow for creating turbulent guild effects using X-PArticles in Cinema 4D. Mike shows how to create a great ink drop into water effect that is the type of effect you would most likely see created with a fluids simulation plugins like Turbulence FD. There is a tiny bit more initial set up for creating this type of fluid effect with X-Particles, but its negligible.

In this tutorial well take a look at using X-Particles to generate turbulent fluid effectsMike Batchelor

X-Particles is a relatively new particle system for Cinema 4D that breaks away from the standard Emitter in Cinema 4d.  X-Particles is offered in three product flavors with a standard, a pro, and demo version. For more information on the various features that X-Particles offers there is a comparison chart noting the different features here  X-Particle comparison chart.

X-Particles Pro costs 289 euros. Upgrades from version 1 are available and cost 175 euros. To purchase or upgrade a licence, please visit the purchase page. It is also possible to upgrade to v2 Pro from v2 Standard at a cost of 100 euros.