Plastic Animation Paper Will See a Resurrection as a Modern Application

PAP, or Plastic Animation Paper was a Animation application that was built to bridge traditional 2D animation with computer based workflows. That was almost two decades ago, and it has been a few years since PAP was retired and no longer supported.


There is some good news however. Plastic Animation Paper is being resurrected as Animation Paper by its creator Niels Krogh Mortensen. Animation Paper is being developed for Mac OS X (and Windows to follow) as a modern application with modern workflows.

Animation Paper replaces what animators back in the analogue days used to work with – An animators desk with backlighting, drawing with a pencil on sheets of paper

Still in the developmental stages, you can see its progress by checking out some of the planned features and how the interface is shaping up in Animation Paper.

Animation Paper is being designed for the experienced and professional animator as something that is fast and powerful, but still being intuitive and easy to work with. The application will allow you to test out your ideas, and clean them up easily.

Animation paper is shaping up to be a clean and simple application for animation, with talk of there even being a tablet or iPad component along side the Windows and Mac versions. Good news!

features in the new Animation Paper

  • Super fast responsiveness – while drawing, while flipping, while everything
  • Quality lines – built on high speed, high resolution input from your tablet (like a Wacom)
  • Small to large format frames
  • Realtime smooth rotation and zooming of the view
  • Light table (onion skinning – fully customizable)
  • X-Sheet – timing and layers
  • Cutouts (easily reposition drawings)
  • Import and export of video and frame-stacks