Incredibly Beautiful & Complex Images Created with Maya Xgen and a Single Primitive

3D Artist Lee Griggs experiments with Maya Xgen and has graced us before, with a look into his techniques for creating really beautiful and complex images. Lee uses Maya Xgen and the Arnold Renderer (Lee is currently working for Solid Angle as a technical author) to make some pretty stunning abstract landscape scenes.

Lee has posted a few more renderings using the methods that he shared, and they are pretty stunning. Lee uses Maya Xgen with a sing primitive, such as a sphere or cube, and has some of the primitive’s values connected to a map or two.

In the case of these new images, the color map is connected to the length and color attributes of the Maya Xgen description. Have a look at the image gallery above for more images.


Using Maya Xgen with Maps

Have a look at Lee’s Maya Xgen tutorials setting out the steps with the tutorials Scaling Xgen Spheres in Maya Uniformly With Expressions, and Controlling Maya’s XGen Primitives with a Texture Map.