An Easy Way to List Maya Environment Variables and Their Values

Charlie Wales (Carlos Rico Adega) shares a tool developed to easily list all of Maya’s Environment Variables and quickly see all of it’s data. The Maya Environment Variables Tool is a simple Maya MEL script that offers a panel that will allow you to sift through Maya environment variables that are currently in use, giving you a quick way to filter through locations, modules, paths, icons, plugins and more by clicking buttons.

For something that can be so critical to some of Maya’s operations, the Maya Environment Variables is left to a manual process through terminal commands or text editing. This makes it an obstruction to check what variables you are currently using from within Maya. The Maya Environment Variables Tool was created to help with this.

Check out the free download for the Maya Environment Variables Tool here.

Way, Way back, there was a great little quick tip from showing how to use a .BAT file, or an Executable file on OSX or Linux to launch Maya with a unique environment variable just for that particular session – Set a One-Time Environment Variable in Maya with an Executable or Batch File. This will allow you to set an environmental variable for a one-time “override” in Maya, not particularly every time you launch Maya.