Cinema 4D NOTA Effector Celebrates Release With Sale

Cinema 4D gets a new Effector in NOTA (Not Another Text Animator). NOTA was something that was developed back in 2005 and released initially as a way to create complex type animations without too much effort.

Since then the NOTA Effector has made a comeback, and has grown into a full-fledged Effector for C4D. With the NOTA Effector you can create complex animations in real time, making it much faster to create, manage, and test complex animations without continually editing keyframes.

NOTA Effector for Cinema 4D is on sale right now for the Price of 60 € (roughly 74$) until December 12 2014. The next release of NOTA will include the “Boids” function, and if you purchase NOTA now, you will be guaranteed a free update to the next release.

NOTA Effector 1.0 is compatible with Cinema 4D R14 to R16 with the R13 version coming soon in the next few days.

Check out the NOTA Effector for Cinema 4D here for more details.