New Variable Diffusion Plugin Lets you Emulate Glass Filters in After Effects

You can now add instant production value to your After Effects compositions by emulating expensive glass filters with the new Variable Diffusion Plugin from the maker Invisible Chainsaw.


Variable Diffusion

The Variable Diffusion plugin for After Effects can emulate the look of in-camera light scattering that can be achieved by using glass filters.

Instant Production Value. Emulate expensive glass filters. Add expressive color.

This will allow you to easily add expressive color, make skin and faces look their best, and give visual effects shot that extra bit of realism that might otherwise be missing.

Variable Diffusion works on a proprietary algorithm that was developed by an industry professional cinematographer/colorist, and a PhD imaging scientist.

Variable Diffusion can push light & color to extremes, and still yield naturalistic “perceptually intuitive” results quite easily.





Variable Diffusion Plugin Pricing and Availability

The Variable Diffusion plugin for After Effects is available through aescripts + aeplugins, and has a special introductory price that is 47% off for a limited time. Variable Diffusion is only available currently on Mac OS X however. Check out the Variable Diffusion page for more information.

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    So this makes it 2 billion and 1 of this type of plugins?

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