Dynamic Chain Setup Tool Assists in Setting Up Rope-Like Rigs in Maya

Crytek Technical Artist Riham Tolan has created a slimed down version of a tool she used quite often in rigging. The Maya Dynamic Chain Setup Tool can add assist in the setup of dynamic chain elements, such as ropes, tentacles and the like.

This tool creates a dynamic chain in Maya using nHair. Maya versions: 2014 and above

The system runs on Maya’s nHair / IK, allowing you to both create and simulate the rig with useful tools for both areas.

With the Maya Dynamic Chain Setup Tool’s Add Rigging tab you can easily build out the rig.

1420106619471Simply select the start and end join and add the a number for the amount of controllers, and select a controller shape.

The Nucleus and Hair System menus offers insights into all the existing nDynamics and nHair systems in the scene, allowing you to easily choose them for your rig. You are still free to create new nucleus or hair systems manually while the tool is open by clicking refresh to add them to the drop down menus in the UI.

The Dynamic Chain Setup Tool offers a tab for simulation which allows you to select and bake joints, controls, hair systems, curves with a simple premise for replacing Nucleus and Hair Systems in the rig.


Availability & Download

Dynamic Chain Setup Tool can be downloaded from Riham Tolan’s site, and works for Maya versions 2014 and above.

Get The Maya Dynamic Chain Setup Tool