Edit V-Ray Scene Files More Easily With V-Ray Syntax Highlighter Modules for IDE’s

V-Ray Syntax Highlighter

Andrew Hazelden posts a set of modules for Notepad++, GEDIT, BBEdit, and TextWrangler that will highlight code from the Chaos Group’s V-Ray Renderer.

The new modules make it easier for a VFX artist or technical director to edit a vray vrscene file

The V-Ray Syntax Highlighter modules can make it much easier to edit V-Ray scene files, improving your coding workflow as you develop and edit V-Ray Scene (.vrscene) files.

Andrew has created other syntax highlighter modules before. Most notable, the Arnold Syntax Highlighter that had the same premise.

For more information on the Vray vrscene syntax you can check out the Vray docs page: V-Ray standalone scene format description (.vrscene)

You can download the latest version of the Vray Scene Syntax Highlighter on GitHub. (Clicking on the GitHub releases button makes it easy to download a zipped version of the tools.)