Understanding the Max-Depth Setting in V-Ray

Ian Ruhfass Covers V-Ray’s Max-Depth Setting and How it Can Affect Your Renders

Rendering is much more than adding lighting and hitting render. The more that you understand what the list of settings in your render engine is for, the faster and better looking your renders can be. If you are using V-Ray and have wondered when the Max-Depth setting does, here is an excellent explanation and demonstration.

32bit Studios’ Ian Ruhfass covers the max depth setting in V-Ray materials, and how they can affect your renders. “Essential knowledge when creating glass or metallic objects,” Ian says about Max-Depth. The setting is a great way to control reflection and refraction of any shiny surface.

This short tutorial is an excerpt from a more extensive V-Ray Crash Course that is offered by 32bit Studios. Learn more about the $29, 3-hour course here.