MoGraph+’s Kamel Khezri demonstrates how to use EIS Light profiles in Cinema 4D when using the the V-Ray rendering engine, VrayForC4D.

in this quick video tutorial we learn how to use IES Lights in VrayForC4d

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) sets the standards for actual lighting engineers. As a result, the organization has created a file format For the electronic transfer of Luminaire Component Data which most rendering engines can read and use. This is the EIS Light.

By using different EIS Light profiles, you can quickly get the correct intensity, falloff, attenuation and patterns for your lights in 3D. This can lead to much more realistic renderings, especially for interior renders where you need to be able to see the light’s effects on walls and other elements in the scene.

Here, Kamel shows how to use EIS Lights in Cinema 4D. MoGraph+ has a Comprehensive introduction to VrayForC4d course you can check out. the course discusses in detail the depth of creating renders with VRAYforC4D covering more than 7 hours of instruction for using VrayForC4D.