Sneak Look at Faster Hair rendering With Embree in VRAYforC4D

Fuchs & Vogel have been previewing an advanced copy of  VRAYforC4D which makes use of the new V-Ray 3 Core. This presentation shows how you can reduce your render times when rendering hair, by using the new Embree acceleration setting.

how you can reduce your rendertimes when rendering hair

The Embree setting is based off of the Intel® Embree ray caster, which was developed to provide fast ray tracing kernels for their CPU’s, designed for Monte Carlo ray tracing.

V-Ray 3.0 takes advantage of the Intel® Embree ray caster, allowing you to enable the setting. This gives you faster performance with static and motion blurred geometry, proxy objects and instances within the V-Ray 3 core.

Simply by flicking the Embree switch in VRAYforC4D, you can really see a reduction in render times when rendering things like instances – hair, grass systems, etc.