Introduction to Using Houdini’s Finite Element Method

Particle Skull’s Alvaro Moreira offers a look at using Houdini’s FEM, or Finite Element Method that can let you simulate solid or “filled” objects. FEM simulates solid objects as if they had stuff inside them.

This can lead to some pretty fantastic simulations. the Finite Solver will analyze the stresses exacted on an object and then calculates how the object will bend or even break, based on the stress forces. This can offer a much more robust system for destroying objects but can also lead to some interesting soft body type of effects, as the Finite Element Solver can preserve an object’s volume pretty easily.

SideFX have posted a MasterClass that dealt with everything you wanted to know about the Finite Element in Houdini. Side FX’s Senior Software Developer Michiel Hagedoorn offered some insights into using the new solver for deforming and fracturing solid objects with a range of practical examples.

The class was posted along with the scene files, which are available for download. Check out the Houdini 13 Masterclass on Finite Elements here for more information.