The one thing you can count on in VFX is removing objects from shots. Many, many shots. There are plenty of methods to do this, but mocha Pro actually has a module that is completely dedicated to removing objects on a shot.

In this 1 hour webinar replay, Product Specialist Mary Poplin demonstrates removing objects using mocha Pro. She covers the very basic of techniques and moves on to luminance render settings, remove with clean plate settings, and how to tackle more difficult multi-plane removes.

This is a great watch, because right when you think you have it all down, a shot comes in that perplexes, stupefies and makes you pull your hair out.

mocha Pro offers much more than removing objects. As a stand alone application that can be upgraded from the Adobe After Effects bundled mocha AE.  To learn more, visit: mocha Pro supports After Effects, Premiere, Nuke, Apple FCP/Motion, Boris FX, Quantel, Autodesk and more.