Sven Akelian demonstrates how to get some lighting passes or AOV’s out of the Arnold render. Sven walks through using the AlShaders, an open sourced production shader library for Arnold.

the workflow to get light AOV’s out of Arnold render, using Al Shaders from Anders Langlands

The alShaders, named after its creator, Anders Langlands is a full featured production shader library which can handle common materials such as skin, fibers, metal, plastics, glass etc.

Since alShaders’ inception in 2012, it has been used by many production studios for a wide variety of work.

Sven details the workflow for getting lighting AOV’s out from the Arnold Render, and also uses the Arnold DNA Render KIT in his walkthrough.

Arnold DNA Render KIT is a set of python scripts that can automate the look development process in your work. The scripts can automate the creation of object and shader ID’s and assignment of custom attributes for aiUserData shaders.

One last thing– If you are wondering about the interactive viewport render that Sven uses while he is doing his walkthrough, that coms from Arvid Schneider and Rico Koschmitzky. Their arViewportRender allows you to instantly see renders in the Maya viewport.