InLifeThrill Design’s Dobromir Dyankov has a look at the various lighting systems that Octane offers within Cinema 4D. Octane has a few lighting systems available for use with C4D. The include environments, a daylight system, mesh emitters, and of course area lights.

Lighting systems with Octane Render for Cinema 4D

Most of the lighting solutions for Octane are native C4D lights and elements with Octane’s tags applied, so it is interesting to see the different workflow and caveats for the various lighting systems available.

Dobromir has been putting out some great overviews that go into quite a bit of detail using certain aspects of Octane Render with Cinema 4D. The last was a Comprehensive Look at Octane’s Materials and Shaders in C4D, showing which shaders were native and which C4D shaders were compatible with Octane. There is also a comparison between similar shaders between Octane and C4D, offering a look at which materials and shaders will be best for which tasks.