MASH Gets Support for Maya 2016, Adds New Features

Mainframe’s procedural animation toolkit for Maya MASH, gets updated with support for Maya 2016. If you create motion graphics with Maya, you probably already have MASH… if you don’t, then you should probably remedy that.

barring any show stopping bugs, this is the final release for Maya 2012, 2013 and 2013.5.

There are some issue still with Maya 2016. If you run Maya in it’s new Parallel Evaluation mode for example, it will speeds up things in Maya, but it has also been the cause of some odd MASH behavior. The team have spent time making MASH work with this new mode, but there still may be some issue.

MASH version 3.3.1 also brings some new features as well as bug fixes. New to MASH is basic support for Pixar’s RenderMan. Even though RenderMan has incomplete support for Maya Particle Instancers, which some parts of MASH relies on, MASH has some rudimentary support for this through a helper script.

In version 3.3.1 you can now set a value more than 1.0 and less than 0 in all nodes. Another nice addition is with curves. If you have a curve selected before you add a MASH Curve node, it will automatically be connected to the new node.

If you relied on MASH’s noise node in the past, you will be glad to hear that animations using the node that run across frame 0 are now supported. Animations can now start as far back as frame -1000.

For a complete list of what is new in version 3.3.1, check out the features MASH announcement page.