InLifeThrill Design’s Dobromir Dyankov posts a comprehensive look at the materials and shader systems within OTOY’s Octane Render for Cinema 4D.

When I say “Comprehensive”, I mean that Dobromir walks through everything you could possible want to know about the materials and shaders in Octane. He also breaks down the materials and shaders to groups categorized by their intent and use.

Dobromir does an extensive look at which of Cinema 4’s native materials shaders are compatible with Octane Render. There is also a comparison between similar shaders such as the MixTexture shader and the gradient shader, giving you a foundation of which materials and shaders will be best for which tasks.




This three part tutorial is almost a companion piece to InLifeThrill’s others. The last post was showing how you can Optimize Your Octane Renders in C4D By Understanding Settings.

If you want to dive further into working with Cinema 4D and Octane Render, Dobromir has a course available  –  Understanding Octane Renderer for Cinema 4D course. Understanding Octane Renderer for Cinema 4D is priced at $60.00 with 2 hours 40 min of training. – Check the page to find out more about Understanding Octane Renderer for Cinema 4D.