How to Create a Geometric Kinetic Animation With MASH

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez shows how to set up kinetic animation with MASH in Maya.

A new tutorial from Carlos Alvarez Velazquez shows how to create a setup that can animate a kinetic facade/sunshade like one seen at the Al Bahr Tower. “This type of parametric and procedural modeling will open doors for you to create dynamic and organic elements of any kind.” Carlos says about the tutorial.

Some of the Mash tools used here include the Distribute, Replicator, Offset, FallOff, along with some Maya-centric tools like Set Dirven Key & the Node Editor. Download the scene file here.

About Carlos Alvarez Velazquez.

Carlos is a Technical Architect, Designer, CGI Artist, Modeler, Renderer with Autodesk Maya and VRay.