Solid Angle Releases Arnold for Cinema 4D

Solid Angle have released C4DtoA, bringing the Arnold global illumination ray tracer for animation and visual effects to Cinema 4D.

We got a look at Arnold in Cinema 4D at SIGGRAPH 2014, and since then, Solid Angle have been optimizing the engine through their beta cycle. C4DtoA 1.0 supports most all Cinema 4D features at this point. This includes instances, cloners, deformers, generators, MoGraph geometry, hair, and Thinking Particles.

Solid Angle have worked to make C4DtoA 1.0 in integrated experience in Cinema 4D. Interactive results can be found in most Cinema 4D components. This includes creating, moving, and deforming objects, as well as adjusting lights, materials, and volumes.

The good news is that the popular third-party plug-ins TurbulenceFD and X-Particles are natively supported, so you are able to render out smoke, fire, and particle effects with interactive feedback.

Interestingly, C4DtoA supports distributed rendering in Team Render for both animation and single-frame renders. this will allowing you use of all computers in a local network to speed-up Arnold rendering for still frames and animations.

Another unique feature in C4DtoA is a node-based material editor for assembling arbitrarily complex shader networks, following Arnold’s node-based approach.



Arnold For Cinema 4D Pricing

You can pick up a permanent Arnold license key which will work on one machine. (Limited to 2 licenses per company/freelancer) for around $840.00. You can also download a trial version to try out, Visit Solid Angle for more information.