Getting Started using the Maya Shell Modifier

Creative Case’s Janos Hunyadi shows off how to use the Maya Shell Modifier tool he recently released. If you are familiar with the Shell Modifier in 3ds Max, the Creative Case tool works similar.

demonstrating the basic usage of the shellMod Modifier

You can easily give thickness to 2D shapes using the Maya Shell Modifier. The modeling tool offers a great way to create and save extrusion profiles. There are controls for the number of divisions and “chaser edges”, allowing you to set them in the attribute editor.

The object that the Maya Shell Modifier creates is “live” so to speak. That is to say when you are using the tool, you are in edit and preview mode. This will allow you to make and edit changes easily without committing to them.

Being in this “live” mode will also allow you to preview the smooth or subdivided version of the object while you are working on it. Once you are happy with your object, you can easily delete the Maya Shell Modifier node by selecting the object and hitting delete on the keyboard. This will essentially bake your changes into the shape you were editing.



Shell Modifier Pricing

The Shell Modifier Plugin is available for Windows and OS X and runs on Maya 2015 and 2016.

You can pick up Maya Shell Modifier for a small fee of $10.00 on GumRoad.Check out the Maya Shell Modifier here.