The Houdini Engine has been making its way over to host 3D applications. Maya, Unity, Unreal and 3Ds Max already have or will have Houdini Engine plugin integration. Recently Cinema 4D will join that list.

As a development partner in the Houdini Engine, Maxon has announced that the Houdini Engine for C4D is now being offered as a public beta.

Houdini Engine will allow C4D artists to load and use Houdini Assets directly in Cinema 4D. The plugin likely will change the way people will work in Cinema 4D offering Houdini simulations, complex digital assets, procedurals, and node-based workflow.

If you decide to take part, you probably need to keep in mind that it is beta software. Even though the plugin is already pretty stable, system crashes  are a possibility. Don’t install the plugin on a system that will be used for daily work.

Before installing the software, all users are asked to carefully read the End User License Agreement because installation of the software means automatic acceptance of the terms of the agreement.

For more information on the Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D Public Beta, check the press release, or visit SideFX to learn more about the Houdini Engine.