Miguel Winfield adds another product to his suite of tools designed to make animation in Maya much more efficient. You may remember MGTools from a while back, a set of tools to increase your animation efficiency and workflow speed, allowing you to focus on your acting and performance.

MG-Picker Studio is a very intuitive and animator friendly maya picker tool

The latest release is MG-Picker Studio, which represents an intuitive and easy to use picker tool designed for Maya animators. MG-Picker Studio gives you powerful features, allowing you to build and use your own customized character pickers without using any code at all.

Character Control Picking with MG-Picker

MG-Picker Studio uses Maya’s premise for navigating, making it easy to get around the picker windows. One of the neat things about MG_Picker, is that you can multiple pickers in one window. The space bar will allow you to maximize the focused view, just like with any other window in Maya. You can run the tool in a minimized mode as well, keeping it out of the way until it is needed.

The expansiveness of MG-Picker Studio is impressive. You can have multiple pickers in one MG-Picker window, and also have multiple picker panels. You can essentially set up pickers for every character in your shot and switch between them really quickly.




MG-Picker Pricing and Availability

MG-Picker Studio is free, if you want to run it in “animator picker” mode. This means if you are an animator you can download MG-Picker and use the MGPicker files/nodes which will allow you to work with characters.

If you want to build your own picker interfaces for your characters however, MG-Picker will run you $120.00 per workstation. Learn more about MG-Picker Studio V1.0 License.

The Character picker currently works with Windows platform, Maya versions 2011 through to Maya 2015 ( x86 / x64, will support 2016 in future). There is currently no support for MacOS X or Linux systems at the moment.

Visit MG-Land for more information on the Maya Character Picker, MG-Picker Studio.