Alacrious Media does a lot of MotorSports filming and post production work. In the process they have solved camera’s for moving objects in a scene quite often.

covers solving cameras for moving objects within scenes, and sending it to C4D for 3D integration.

Here, Alacrious Media has a look at how to best get a camera solve for moving objects in the scene using Nuke. All the principles discussed are pretty well the same in After Effects as they would be inside of Nuke. Solving for the cameras are different, but fundamentally the premise presented here can be used to solve for moving objects in an After Effects scene.

More Resources for Tracking Moving Objects in Nuke

A while back VFX Artist Jack Grundy offered a look at using the 2D tracking system in Nuke covering some interesting techniques including how to create both expression linked transforms and transforms with baked keyframes with the tracking data.

Jack Grundy also had another tracking related walkthrough with Nuke’s built in 3D environment. Jack shows how to manage a shot using camera projections.

eosacro’s Anand Magaji had a look at using Nuke’s automated tracking and User Tracking features, and covers the basics of tracking in Nuke.