VFX Artist Jack Grundy walks through using the 2D tracking system in Nuke. Jack shows how to create both expression linked transforms and transforms with baked keyframes with the tracking data, covering the positives and negatives of each technique.

The Foundry offers a free, non-commercial version of Nuke, that you can download and use to follow along with the tutorial.

More Resources for Tracking in Nuke

Nuke, Automatic and User Tracking Basics follows eosacro’s Anand Magaji as he has a look into Nukes automated tracking and User Tracking tools that is part of a larger overall look at tracking and compositing in Nuke.

Nuke 3D Tracker Fundamentals sees Dave Scotland’s Nuke in Production series, covering the fundamentals of 3D Tracking with a look into Nuke’s 3D tracker Node.

Tracking, Compositing & Color Correction in Nuke shows the workflow of tracking a shot in Nuke, keying green screen footage, and compositing the results with a Maya rendered environment.

Methods for 2D Tracking in Nuke is Dave Scotland’s look at 2D Tracking techniques in Nuke, providing an overview for the tracker node, and applying tracked data to assets.