PolyPaint for C4D Updates With New Features

Rui Batista has posted an update to the Cinema 4D PolyPaint suite of tools. PolyPaint 1.5 adds a new Paint from Material functionality and new painting abilities.

PolyPaint Pack allows you to paint directly on the mesh of your objects

It is now possible to paint alpha information along with RGB information using the updated plugins. All of the tools were updated to work with alphas.

There is also new export routines for Unity, that will respect the alpha and RGB information into Unity. In addition to these features, the tools also received a lot of bug fixes.

PolyPaint for Cinema 4D

The pack of plugins allow you to paint directly on the mesh of your objects. Using the suite of tools, you no longer need to worry about bitmaps.

the plugin lets each vertex of the object have a RGBA information associated with it. The plugin will also let you to load RGBA information stored in a special kind of .OBJ and .FBX files.

The Pack is made up of six plugins.

  • PolyPaint Tag lets you apply RGBA information to to any object in C4D.
  • PolyPaint Shader lets you render the plugin’s tag and its RGBA information.
  • PolyPaint Tool lets you paint on the surface of your object.
  • PolyPaint Transfer is a tool is used for transferring RGBA surface information of an object, stored in a PP Tag to another PP Tag, attached to another object.
  • PolyPaint From Material lets youtransfer RGBA information from a material that is assigned to the object, directly to the PP Tag.
  • PolyPaint Editor gives you a fast display of RGBA surface information in the editor, working in the background.


Check out the PolyPaint Plugins for Cinema 4D for more information on pricing and the update to version 1.5.