DGDM Previews New LightPaint Tool for Maya, Point & Click for Highlights

Newcomer to the plugin and tools market, DGDM have been succeeding on their goals to develop and launch great products for 3D design & architectural visualizations. You may remember DGDM as the creators of The SLiB Browser, and the floor generator, both welcome and valuable tools for archviz workflows in Maya.

LightPaint is a Maya Plugin that provides an fast and accurate way to set up and controll Lights.

Recently, DGDM has posted an advance look into their next plugin for Autodesk Maya, and it looks to be a doozie. SLiB LightPaint is a Maya Plugin that provides an fast and accurate way to set up and control Lights in your scene.

You can create and place light sources by clicking on the parts of the model or scene that you want the light to hit. We have seen this type of lighting workflow before, in LightMap’s HDR Light Studio.

SLiB LightPaint for Maya


SLiB LightPaint will not only let you place lights by clicking, but you can also draw out the shape of the light that you want by clicking and dragging directly on your object’s surface. The system draws a reference curve that will be the shape of the light.

Of course, SLiB LightPaint will allow you to adjust the light with all the physical properties of the renderer. The plugin currently works with the RedShift Renderer (version 1.260+), V-Ray (version 3.0 and up), and Arnold. LightPaint for Maya is set to release on the 27th of July 2015. Check out the SLiB LightPaint page at DGM for more information as it is available.

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  1. Daniel Macha

    SLiB | LightPaint is now buyable!

    I quickly added a feature that actually was planned for the first update. The lights now can be mapped with a HDR image. Several of them are already shipped with the plug-in. More to come…
    Hope you like it!



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