Easily Create Arrows in Ae using the Arrower Preset

Easily Create Arrows in Ae using the Arrower Preset

Although adding arrows to lines is a staple in other Adobe products, After Effects is sadly lacking in this simple task. Thankfully, and as per usual, the third party developers have filled the gaps that are missing.

Arrower is a preset for After Effects which allows you create an arrows.

Tony Pinkevich, creator of Cluster 2 for After Effects, the tool that allows you to easily make connections between shapes in Ae, has created a simple new tool for adding arrows.

Arrower for After Effects, is a simple little preset that allows you to create arrows for lines. The preset is super simple to install, use and easy to customize, giving you 8 types of arrowheads to choose from.

With Arrower, simply double click on a preset, and it will place a line and arrow in your scene. You can then edit the line or the arrow with Arrower’s flexible settings.

Of course there are other arrow creating tools available, Easy Arrows on Aescripts + AePlugins comes to mind, which looks similar in functionality, although much more expensive than Tony’s Arrower tool. Arrower preset can be had for less than half the cost at $12, versus Easy Arrow’s $29.95.

Check out the Arrower Preset for After Effects, for more information.