If you rely on after effects markers quite a bit, you may find that through precomposing and decomposing, that it is difficult to keep all them in alignment with how you may be working.

Easily Sync markers across multiple comps.

After Effects has nothing available natively that will allow you to keep your marks in sync with precomps and other layer relationships. This is where the new Markers Sync script for After Effects comes in.

The new tool offers a really simple two button panel that allows you to send or receive markers from comps, precomps, layers or multiple layers. This is a great way to keep all of your markers inline while working.

The script has support that works with multiple layers, as well as a merge function that can merge them into one layer or composition. The After Effects tool also has support that can deal with time remapping and time stretch.

Check out the page for Markers Sync After Effects script for more information on aescripts + aeplugins.