The ToolChef’s have released an update to Motion Path, the tool that allows you to visualize your animations and keyframes in the Maya viewport.

Motion Path tool is the ultimate solution for real-time visualization and editing of your animations in 3D space.

The latest additions to the Motion Path plugin include a new alternate path color, allowing you to toggle between uniform or alternating colors for the path. Also of note is the ability to show keyframe numbers and frame numbers easily on the path with a click of a button.

Motion Path has a new lock / unlock for the parent shape of the path, allowing you to move the entire display piece or just the parent group.

The Motion Path Tool costs around $100, check out the page for more information and purchasing options for the Motion Path Tool for Maya.


  • Real-time motion path visualization
  • Camera and world space draw modes
  • Dockable GUI
  • Optional key frames visualization
  • Optional “Use Pivots” mode to take modified pivots into account
  • Optional key frame tangents visualization
  • Optional rotational key frame visualization
  • For objects with incoming connections, such as constraints or set driven keys, a baked/non-editable path is shown.
  • Lock selection
  • Interactive switch for lock selection
  • Motion path edit tool
  • Motion path draw tool
  • With the draw tool on, ctrl+click on a keyframe and drag to activate stroke mode. Closest: move the keys to the closest point on the drawn stroke; Spread: distributes keys uniformly along the drawn point
  • Multiple buffer curves
  • Buffer Curve to Nurb Curve feature
  • Copy 3D key frames positions inside the Maya viewport
  • World Paste 3D key frames positions onto other objects
  • Offset Paste 3D key frames positions onto other objects
  • Customizable settings, such as colors and sizes
  • Motion Path settings are saved in maya preferences
  • Stroke Mode (Ctrl + click a keyframe and drag with the draw context activated)