Watch Raf Anzovin Animate With an Ephemeral Rig

Raf Anzovin shows how to animate a whole shot using his Ephemeral Rig in Maya.

Animator and Technical Director Raf Anzovin push and rewrites the rigging process with a thing he likes to call an ephemeral rig. What exactly is that? Well, it’s a rig that can sit outside the node graph in Maya so that you can reconfigure the rig while animating.

How does that work, then? Raf admits that he gets a lot of questions like that. “I get a lot of questions like, “how can you actually animate whole shots this way?” 

We all can find out because At 4 pm EST Tuesday, June 7th, Raf will be streaming an Ephemeral animation demo. Anzovin will show how to animate an alien rabbit on stream in real-time, showing exactly how he approaches animating a shot with the Ephemeral Rig system.

Learn more about the Live Ephemeral Rig and animation demo here.

Join Raf Anzovin at at 4 pm EST Tuesday, June 7th.