Ornatrix Popular Hair & Feather System for 3ds Max Makes its Way to Maya

3ds Max tools company, Ephere have been making efforts to bring their Ornatrix hair, fur and feather system over to other DCC’s, and as a result of that, It looks like Ornatrix for Maya is under a closed beta cycle.

Ornatrix is a complete hair, fur, and feather solution for Maya, currently being developed in a closed beta.

Of you have seen or heard of 3ds Max, you have likely heard of Ornatrix. The hair and feather tools allow you to create, style and render hair, fur, feathers and the like using parametric operators, called the Hair Stack.

The Hair Stack offers modifiers like Curls, Frizz, Combing, and Dynamics to leverage the power and flexibility of 3ds max’s modifier stack. Ornatrix also offers fast and flexible rendering options with Ornatrix’s fast ray tracer, V-Ray, or mental ray.

Ornatrix includes MassFX dynamics that allow for interactive dynamics with the scene. You can use cloth-based dynamics for high quality dynamics for deforming meshes.

Here, Ephere Inc takes an initial look that explores the port of their 3ds max hair, fur, and feather solution to Autodesk Maya. See how hair can be quickly added, styled, and rendered using the Hair Stack, a set of parametric hair operators, and V-Ray.