Sprite-O-Matic Easily Animates Sprite Sheets in After Effects

Ever wanted to create animated comps from a spite sheet while in After Effects? New Sprite-O-Matic for After Effects is a tool that will allow you to easily create animations from a sprite sheet really quickly.

Sprite-O-Matic makes it easy to create animated comps from sprite sheets in seconds

With Sprite-O-Matic, all you have to do is select your sprite sheet and enter in the sheets column and rows, then click “animate”. The Sprite-O-Matic tool takes care of everything else.

Sprite-O-Matic is really easy to use, and can work with sheets that have an uneven number of sprites. The After Effects script also features a customizable frame length, FPS, and number of iterations.

There is another tool out there that combines sprite sheets and After Effects, notably Sheetah Spite Sheet Tools. Sheetah differs from Sprite-O-Matic, in that it works both ways. Sheetah allows you to create animations from sprite sheets, but will also let yo create sprite sheets from animations in After Effects.

Sprite-O-Matic is being offered under the name your own price point at aescripts + aeplugins. Check out Sprite-O-Matic for After Effects for more information.