Visual Effects Artist and 3D generalist Eugenio Herrera shares his Houdini Fracture Asset for Cinema 4D. A packaged Houdini file that can be used within Cinema 4D running the Houdini Engine, The Houdini Fracture Asset allows you to easily create a fracture effect for any object.

Recently Side Effects Software announced the availability for the public beta of the Houdini Engine for C4D. The Houdini Engine is a way to connect Houdini with host 3D applications, such as Maya and Cinema 4D and Unity.

The Houdini Engine really opens up possibilities for Cinema 4D users offering the best of both worlds, bringing Houdini’s node-based procedural modeling and simulation tools from Houdini, in C4D’s artist friendly environment. In this case, the Houdini Fracture Asset makes use of Houdini’s Dynamics and Simulation tools, right within C4D.

I suspect we will be seeing a lot more Houdini Assets for the Cinema 4D market, as the two applications really complement each other. Certainly Houdini will boost C4D’s weaknesses.

Check out and download the Houdini Fracture Asset for C4D here.

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  1. kraphik 3d

    I want to make realistic fractures with different velocities of the breaking and falling parts.
    It seems that all parts falling at same speed.
    Do I need to have also Houdini or is this possible to solve with Cinema 4D ?

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