Mocha and Mocha Pro is a great way to track shots. It offers a really intuitive way to planar track elements in a scene. Once you really understand how planar tracking should work, tracking should be the least of your problems, if you use any Mocha product.

There will be times when tracks can drift due to lack of detail or introduction of small obstructions.

There will be times where the shot you are trying to track will give you some guff. Although mocha is great for tracking things with extreme motion bur and when elements actually leave the screen, there will be time when your track will drift a bit… Or a lot.

Not to worry though. Mocha has an Adjust Track feature that was specially made for just an occasion. Adjust track will allow you to manually set keyframes for the corner pin data based on the surface of the track.

Offering a couple really quick examples, MaryPoplin, imagineer systems Product specialist, shows you how to use adjust track on planar tracks using the Adjust Track module to correct drift and other tracking problems.

If you remember, Mocha is a planar tracker. That is to say that it doesn’t track points in the scene from frame to frame. Instead it looks for matching patters, or texture that it can latch on to. This makes it possible to track fast moving items lost in motion blur, or track things that will eventually leave the screen.

When you are tracking a planar surface in Mocha, the application will translate the plan information into corner pin data that you can use in After Effects or any other compositor.

Mocha also gives you the ability to manually override the corner pin settings through its Adjust Track module. Adjust Track is really simple to use. Simply set the Set Master All button for the frame that has been adjusted, and then place the corners where they should be throughout the shot. Mocha will add keyframes for those and work that information into the final tracking data.