A Complete Run-through for RotoMasking in SynthEyes

Russ Andersson covers everything you want to know about RotoMasking in depth with this new tutorial.

RotoMasking in SynthEyes 2210 got a few more features. As a result, Russ Andersson made a tutorial covering a complete process for its operation and features.

The tutorial runs through the theory and operation of roto-masking features in SynthEyes 2210. That includes creating splines, how to have splines via trackers, and how to assign blips via the splines. Finally, the tutorial covers visualization and outputting mattes; and working with imported mattes.

About Andersson Technologies.

Andersson Technologies LLC is a boutique software firm located outside Philadelphia near King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and run by computer vision and robotics expert Dr. Russell Andersson. SynthEyes has been solving the most challenging problems for visual effects professionals for 15 years, with customers in 90 countries.