What A Procedural Pipes Tool With Fabric Engine Can Look Like

Fabric Engine has been regarded as the premier pipeline tool since its inception.  Fabric Engine is a development framework that works cross platform and across applications. It was made to chance how creation tools are built.

a procedural pipe node in Maya using Fabric Engine.

Offering some insights into some of the wonders that can be achieved by using Fabric Engine, Motion graphic designer Johan Borgström shows off little project he has created… A Procedural Pipes Tool, using Fabric.

Johan Borgström is diving into learning Fabric Engine at the moment. Intended as a little study into that field, Johan set up a little project that would take an existing python tool and convert it from the ground up by using Fabric Engine.

Johan created a Fabric Engine Node for Maya, that will allow you to create a network of procedural pipes by simply connecting locators to the node. The node works in real time and can be edited by moving the nulls around the Maya viewport. The Procedural Pipes node also has the ability to treat the connections with a cap that is made of simple geometry.

The two videos show off what can be possible by incorporating Fabric Engine into your tools pipeline.