Cinema 4D is so great at motion graphics, it can be easy to forget that it can be used for Character animation and other complex animation rigs as well.  Three is a small problem, however. Cinema 4D’s viewport can hold you back a bit by being kind of slow in certain situations.

some tricks how you can work with four complex Characters in C4D in almost realtime

Here, Holger Biebrach shows how you can optimize the scene along with a Cinema 4D rig to squeeze out the best possible performance out of C4d’s viewport.

Holger Biebrach is the creator of the HB Modeling Bundle for C4D. The bundle is a set of over 60 amazingly useful scripts that are solely dedicated to the tasks in modeling, and brings C4D Modeling on par with other modern applications.

Holger notes that the C4D viewport will lag trying to handle a large amount of objects, or expressions. The “expressions” part is really true of all applications. Expressions are not a great way to do any complex rigging as they will need to evaluate on every frame.

In Holger’s example, he will take a Cinema 4D rig that currently gets around 4 frames per second in the viewport and by the time he is done with his optimizations, magically gets boosted to 18 frames per second. Fantastic! That ends up being a huge boost in performance that you can transfer to your projects, simply by tweaking settings.