C4D Matrix Draw Helper Helps Keep Viewport Speeds up While Visualizing Mograph

There is kind of a gentle balance between aesthetic and speed, and they are directly related sometimes. You want to push how something looks, but the application might fight you on how fast you are able to iterate something.

This is certainly the case for C4D’s Mograph module and viewport. Just because C4D makes it easy to clone and animate thousands of objects, doesn’t mean that it is practical. That can change however, thanks to Adam Heslop.

A new plugin just release, will allow you to visualize mograph animation in the C4D viewport. The Matrix Draw Helper lets yo visualize more in the C4D Viewport without all the overhead, making it faster to experiment and get what you need.

The Matrix Draw Helper doesn’t actually render anything, so there is no geometry or high object overhead to slow it down. The plugin can draw lots of content to the viewport so you can focus on animated effects, clone direction and timing of your animation without having to worry about any lag.

The plugin is offered freely for Cinema R15 and up, and can be found courtesy of Adam Heslop at his site, Pixels in Progress (PiP). Check out and download the C4D Matrix Draw Helper.